how to properly "erase"/shred compressed zip files


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In the FAQ i have read page 8, about how eraser behaves when deleting compressed files or spars,
but its not clear on weather its deleted or not, as a matter of fact in the end of page 8 of the faq it says such files are not properly deleted so you get an error on the task log, but for some reason im still not clear weather it does or not.

so whats the truth? do compressed files get properly or safely enough shreded by eraser,or is their a special setting i must first run it trough to properly deleted?
will right click erase shred the compressed files properly?

i have a compressed winrar zip file i want to shred, how should i go about it when i add a new task in task schedule? in the -add data- window should i choose the erase "file" or erase "files in folder"....?
edit: if choose erase "files in folder" does that mean the files inside my compressed zip folder will be safely shred'ed with out errors? their by leaving the compressed folder empty?
its not the folder i care about, its the files.haha

help would be highly appreciated.
'Compressed' in this case means compressed by the (NTFS) file system, not by programs such as WinRAR; file system compression is turned off by default. Your zip files are just files; they should erase normally.

oh i see, well, how can i access my windows 7 file settings? to check weather certain files are being compressed, and if so i will uncompress them,
unless it would be unwise to uncompress them??

sorry, ive tried googling to see how i can access windows 7 file system settings but i haven't found anything so far, I'm hoping you might know, or anyone.

once again, thanks for the response.
Right click the file, Properties, Advanced. Uncheck Compress the File to Save Disk Space.