How to Recover Data from Broken or Dead Samsung Galaxy Note 5?


If your Android phone, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen broke up, you may eager to get back all important data like contacts and text messages from this damaged Samsung phone, especially when you didn't back up your Android data. Since the Samsung device have broken or damaged, that means you may cannot operate it normally.

So the common data recovery solution may not helpful and useful on these damaged or broken Samsung devices. However, it doesn't mean that is impossible to retrieve data from a broken or dead Samsung Galaxy. Your Samsung device is physically damaged, but the phone data would be safe and sound. This article is going to show you the detailed solutions on recovering data from broken Samsung phones in various situations. You can select the right solution according to your own needs.

How to Recover Data from Broken Samsung Note 5 (Black Screen, Forgot Password, etc.)in Steps?

If your Samsung device stays in broken, black, non-responsive screen, or you cannot touch it to operate, you can use this method to extract your needed data from a dead device. Because this solution will not require you to enable USB debugging or root your device which needs a working screen on the device.
Here is the guide teach you how to recover data from Galaxy Note 5 broken screen

To do it, you need a tool like Broken Samsung Data Extraction as your life saver. It empowers you to data like contacts, messages, call logs, photos, music, etc. from a dead, broken or damaged Samsung phone without hassle. Now, just get the free trial version by clicking the below icon and follow the guide to start your data extracting journey.
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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Broken Screen

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