How to Recover Data from Broken Samsung Galaxy S4?


"Any way can I export all my personal data from my Samsung Galaxy S4 that accidentally broke the screen, any one who can help me please?"

The above situation is very common, in fact, to recover data from broken Samsung S4 with broken screen, what you need is just the Samsung Data Extraction.

To recover lost and deleted data like contacts, text messages, whatsapp messages, call logs, photos, videos, audios and even apps' data from your Samsung Galaxy devices, what you need is just the Samsung Galaxy Recovery, which can helps to get back your Samsung data without backup. Besides, with its help, you can also one click to unlock Samsung phone, fix a bricked Samsung, root your Samsung, backup & restore your Samsung data, etc.

But the thing isn't in such bad shape, as a matter of fact, because the file isn't really gone immediately, the lost data could be still recoverable once it can be detected and scanned by professional FonePaw for Android program. If you realize that your Samsung Galaxy phone was broken, you've got a decent chance of getting it back. There aren't any really advanced features, but it is very easy to use, you can perform this recovery program without the need for a specialist firm, it can directly scan phone's intermal memory whether you accidentally deleted files or broken your phone. Now, Instead, take these easy steps on how to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy S4.
For video, audio and photo - you can connect your broken Samsung Galaxy S4 phone to PC, with the help of USB cable and if USB debugging is enabled on your device then you van see the Auto Play option on your computer.

After that you can click on View folders to view files, now you can copy and paste files from your broken Galaxy S4 to your PC.
Here is a video for any Android smartphone users, also works with recover data from broken Samsung S4. wish helps.

Sorry to hear that your Samsung phone is broken. But I know a program can easily recover data from broken Samsung Galaxy S4. It is called broken Android Data Extraction. It can scan your broken Samsung phone and SD card deeply and find all the data on it. You can get back messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files from your Samsung phone. Learn how to recover contacts from broken Samsung Galaxy S4.
Don't worry! Broken Android Data Recovery program can solve your problem. It not only can help you recover data from broken Samsung Galaxy S4, but also helps you recover deleted data from Galaxy S9, as well as Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5 and Note 8.
As the deleted files still remain intact until that data is not overwritten by any new data, you can get back your Samsung files. If you stop using your device immediately after losing your data, the data still can be recovered with the aid of an android data recovery software.

Even with broken Samsung, you also have the chance to recover data from broken Samsung.
1: Backup is the best way to recover data from Samsung, just recover data for free.
2. SD card can also help you recover data from broken Samsung.
3. Eelphone Samsung Photos Recovery works on broken Samsung, recover existing data in your broken Samsung.
I think there must have one method which is suitable for you.
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