Honor 8X Max is still good in terms of face value, but Xiaobian personally thinks it is slightly inferior to Honor NOTE10, and adopts the design of “Pearl Screen”, but the screen ratio is as high as 90%. This is praised, mainly because Liu Haigen Small, chin is smaller, some people say that if the chin's "honor" logo, the screen ratio will be higher, in fact, not what you think, now the Honor of the chin is so small has been the limit, can not be smaller, Simply keep the logo, and then look at the back with a glass design, and a closer look will reveal that the left side is a bit gray, the right side is darker, using a "collision" design, not a gradient, and a gradient Not the same, but the value is still very high.

Look at Honor 8X, the screen ratio is higher, 91% of the screen ratio, which makes many mid-range machines and even high-end machines shame, in addition to the screen lowercase, the screen ratio is slightly higher than the Honor 8X Max, other and Honor 8X Max is almost the same, look at the back, you will find that its ID design is very similar to the Honor play, in addition to the use of glass material, the feeling is similar to the glory play, and the difference between the Honor 8X Max is that the Honor 8X Max body is too large to fit the palm, A certain surface design is adopted, and there is a certain degree of curvature. The small version of Honor 8X is not available, and there is no difference in the whole except for the second.

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