"I accidently remove all the text messages from my Mum's Samsung Galaxy J7, what's even worse, my Mum had never backup her data on the Galaxy J7, which recovery tool I can try to get back the deleted messages on Samsung Galaxy J7?"

Samsung Data Recovery tool, which allows one click to directly restore lost and deleted data including photos and more from any Samsung Galaxy devices. So, with the help of this tool, you can easily recover Samsung Galaxy J7 photos even without backup.

1. Download, install and run the Samsung Data Recovery on PC
2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 to PC
3. Choose the file types to scan
4. Choose the scan mode and scan your devices
5. Recover the data from your phone selectively

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Just lost or deleted some important photos on your Samsung Galaxy phone? Never fear! Actually, the lost photos are not really gone, instead, they still exist and can be recovered before being overwritten by the new data. Thus, you’d better not use your phone to take new photos, then take effective measures to recover deleted photos from Samsung.
When we deleted Samsung data by accident, turn to backup if you have, restore from backup is the best way to get back deleted Samsung data. When we no have backup or deleted Samsung data can not be found in backup, seek for Eelphone Samsung Photo Recovery for help, which can detect your Samsung deeply, all deleted data, including photos/contacts/messages/cal logs etc, all deleted data can be detected, and all detected Samsung data can be recovered from Samsung directly.
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