How to Recover Lost Data from Android after Factory Reset

Iris Cheng

Factory reset is the restoration of an electronic device to its original state set by the manufacturer at the factory, also known as master reset or hard reset. What does a factory reset do? Doing so will delete all data, settings, and applications that the user has added on the device. When the phone needs to be sold and needs to wipe personal data or encounter equipment failures, virus attacks, software crashes, etc., restoring the factory settings is a good solution.

However, while this built-in function brings us convenience, it also brings some hidden dangers. If you give your phone to a child, he accidentally resets your phone to factory settings without backup, you may be the risk of data loss. Imagine what to do if you encounter this situation? Is it possible to recover data after factory reset?

No doubt, the answer is yes! To serve your needs, here we’ll introduce two efficient methods for factory reset data recovery.

If you have created the backup using goggle account, then there is possibility that you can recover your data by synchronizing it to the device. But in case there is no backup created then you have to rely on a third party utility.
The easiest way to recover lost data from Android phone after a factory reset is to use Android Data Recovery. It can scan your phone and SD card deeply to find the lost data for you. You can preview them before recovering. Learn how to recover lost contacts from Android. Besides contacts, you can also recover messages, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp messages, music, books and other document files for you.