How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook MSG files?

I will share two ways to remove duplicates from MSG file data. The first answer is manual, which you can accomplish yourself, and the second solution is technical, provided by the tool.

Manual Solution:
Step 1: Install Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
Step 2: Choose the folder where your MSG documents are saved. Examine each document by hand to remove duplicates that do not match the filename or content.
Step 3: To discover duplicates, sort the documents by name, date changed, or content. Create a separate folder for duplicates.
Step 4: Examine the MSG documents' content. To identify duplicates, compare each MSG file side by side.
Step 5: Manually remove any duplicates that were detected.

The Manual technique is only ideal for technical professionals who understand the entire process of manually deleting duplicate emails one at a time, which requires a significant amount of human effort. Users seek a professional solution that can do the deleting process with the best level of data security to save amounts of time manually deleting duplicate files one by one.

Technical Solution:
I want to share the Softaken MSG Duplicate Remover Tool to remove duplicate emails from Outlook MSG files without installing MS Outlook. I usually recommend this product because I've had firsthand experience with it. This application offers a basic GUI that allows you to interact with its features without encountering any technical issues while eliminating duplicate tasks. It can handle many files without the need for Outlook, and the tool deletes duplicates swiftly and independently. Users do not need to download any other software to function with it. This software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook. After installing it on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista, operating system you will receive a free trial version of this tool.
If you want a safe solution to remove duplicate emails from Outlook MSG files, then I will suggest the best software that provides a simple process to delete the bulk of duplicates instantly with the help of the MailsClick MSG Duplicate Remover Tool, It is a very adequate way to make this software with confidence for all users. It can quickly process several large-sized data to remove duplicate emails from Outlook MSG files at once. Users can easily operate this utility on the Windows OS. Users can select the destination of the files and, for further information, download and operate a free trial to examine the tool. Moreover, the utility can be smoothly performed even without MS Outlook.
The CubexSoft MSG Duplicate Remover Tool is an effective way to remove duplicate emails from Outlook MSG files. It gives an error-free way to delete multiple MSG duplicate files without the need for Microsoft Outlook, and the software runs smoothly. When utilizing this app, you’ll not face any problems. It works with all Windows OS & MS Outlook editions. Users can download this software for free.
Try to remove duplicate emails from Outlook MSG files with an instant working TrustVare MSG Duplicate Remover Tool this is an advanced option available to effectively delete duplicate files. One or more MSG folders can have duplicate MSG files removed simultaneously by the utility. By using this tool duplicate MSG files within or between folders can be removed. Anyone unfamiliar with technology may use the tool with ease thanks to its user-friendly UI. Users can use this software with all versions of Outlook to remove duplicate emails from Outlook MSG files. You can install this software on the Windows operating system.