How to remove GHOST filenames from NTFS or FAT


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When you use ERASER on the active partition there may be a few filenames that still show up with recovery tools. I believe this is because Eraser cannot erase the cluster tips of clusters that contain active files.

The best way to erase everything is to have a second bootable partition on your hard drive. I created a small 3gig partition at the end of my drive and installed Windows 2000, just for the purpose of having full read/write access to my primary partition in an emergency, and to run Eraser from.

After you add the second partition and install windows on it, windows automatically uses its own boot manager and presents you with boot options when you first start your computer and you can set it to defalt after 5 seconds to your primary partition. During the 5 seconds you can elect to boot your secondary windows partition.

When you run Eraser from the second partition, none of the files are 'locked' and thier culster tips etc can be erased.