How to run and auto exit?


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Hello. I'm running on an up to date XP Pro machine. When I utilize Eraser via the shell (Right Click Folder->Eraser->Erase)...

1) Process starts and a taskbar notification area icon appears
2) A "New Task added..." notification tip is displayed
3) A "Task completed..." notification tip is displayed
4) The process remains running in the background and the icon remains visible in the notification area

Is it possible to configure the program so that it fully exits when it has successfully completed its task? Currently, it appears that one must right click the notification icon and select exit in order to terminate the program. Note: when I do that, the icon remains visible in the notification area until I mouse over it. FWIW, I have Taskbar Notification Area "Hide inactive icons" disabled. Perhaps the program isn't doing something it needs to do in order to update the notification area and make the icon automatically disappear when it should?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
It's good to find that someone has made build 1376 work :)

Eraser 6 is designed to run continuously in the background. Arguably, that is not at present necessary (and it has certainly irritated some users, though not me). But it will certainly become necessary when, as is planned, the Eraser core is implemented as a Service rather than as a process, as it is at present. This change is needed to overcome some of the issues created by Windows security. Paradoxically, Microsoft's efforts to make the OS more secure, particularly against external threats, have actually compromised user privacy and security.

Ah, so replacing 6.X with 5.X will solve my problem then? I'll poke around and read up on the differences and perhaps give that a try.
RandomNick said:
Ah, so replacing 6.X with 5.X will solve my problem then?
It will work for XP; Version 5.8.8 can still be downloaded from the Eraser site. Do uninstall Version 6 fully before installing Version 5. Personally, I'd recommend sticking with Version 6 (even though it is still work in progress) for any OS later than XP.

But, to be honest, Eraser running in the background is not that much of a problem unless you are very short of RAM or processor speed. Background tasks have got themselves a bad name, but they are not all made equal; some consume far more by way of system resources than others. My experience of Eraser running in the background is that it is not a problem (apart from the fact that my Vista machine insists on running it elevated, but that relates to the program as a whole rather than the background running).

Although I do prefer to minimize what is running in the background (especially non-system, application-specific processes), I asked because this machine is indeed BOTH processor and memory limited. It's time for a new box but I haven't had the time to pick one out yet.
Then 5.8.8 is probably the way to go. It will run its scheduler in the background unless you ask it not to.