How to securely delete Eraser? (by HomeEnd)


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I would like to know, how I could securely delete Eraser.
I want to delete some files with Eraser, but after that, I also would like to delete Eraser itself as I would not like if somebody were able to know that I have used it.
How is it possible?

Unistalling eraser through add or remove programs should delete it off your system. It may leave one or two of its components, but if people who access you PC arn't too techno savvy then no one will ever know (once you've unistalled it that is). :D
Instead of Eraser, you should consider using another app such as the shredder in Restoration which runs from a floppy without installing to the harddrive. The only obvious traces should be in your Start Menu programs list and Prefetch (if you have Win XP); both easily deleted.