How to Set Persistant App Notification on iPhone iPad


When you want to manage your app notification easily, there is a good news for you that with the updating of iOS, it allows us to set persistant app notification on our iPhone iPad. Now from this article, we’ll focus on show you how to set persistant app notification on iPhone iPad. Please follow it and have a check.

Set Persistant App Notification on iPhone iPad

Now follow below steps and enable persistant app notification on iPhone iPad with iOS 11.

  • Open your iPhone iPad, go to Setting—Notification, then you can see apps list on the new page.


  • Then choose the app you need, tap on it and we’ll enter the new interface, find and click option “Allow Notification” and “Show as Banner”, turn them on.


  • Now choose and click “Persistant”, then notification will not go away until you act on them.


Clear All Notification in iOS 11

Now when you’re using iPhone with 6s or later, it supports us to clear all notification in iOS 11 at once, see below steps.

  • Swipe bottom up from your lockscreen of your iPhone, now you can see all your recent notifications from your iPhone app.

  • Click “X” image icon at the right top of your notification, and they will be deleted.

[*]And it will show us notification “Clear All Notification”, and all your notification will be removed.

When you want your notification show up on lock screen, you will need to enable temporary app notifications on your iPhone iPad with iOS 11.

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