How to split oversized Outlook OST file?

OST file is an Outlook data file created by MS Outlook application for windows to store all kind on emails, contacts and other data related to your email account. This is an offline backup of your email data. Latest versions Microsoft Outlook email client has a default size limit of 50GB for the OST file. If the OST file size crosses this limit then it affects the performance of Outlook app.

To fix and large-sized OST file we can delete permanently your emails in deleted items folder or archive your OST file. But, if the size of the OST file still above the size limit, you need to split OST file into small sizes.

There is no direct method in Outlook software to compress or split the OST file into multiple small OST files. But you can use a third-party tool to perform this action. vMail OST to PST Converter is an email conversion tool for MS Outlook that directly converts OST file into PST file. This tool is capable to convert the unlimited large size of OST file into PST format and you can also use this software to split the large PST file converted from OST to split into your choice of multiple small size of PST files.

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PST Files are bit a complicated subject because it contains emails, contacts, calendar and many more. There are different extensions for all PST components. Thus, in conversion or any kind of data practice in the PST folders can cause data corruption. So if you want Split Large PST files without corrupting it, then I will recommend you to for some automatic tools.

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Easy and Simple way for Splitting PST File

1. Browse PST File -----------------> 2. Select Split Option -------------->
3. Click to Splitting


If you need to split an OST file into multiple OST files, you can try the OST File Splitter Tool. It is dependable software that can quickly divide a large OST file into smaller OST files (s). The software allows users to split OST file based on their size, date, sender's name, and folder. Furthermore, OST files contain emails, contacts, and tasks that can be easily separated into multiple OST files to avoid data corruption. As a result, it works with the most recent Microsoft versions, such as Windows 10.
If you want to reduce OST file size, go through this technical article. Here, you will get three manual methods to fix oversized PST files. You can also go for the Professional Software OST Splitter Tool for more reliable and effective results.

There is another remarkable DRS OST Splitter Tool that can smoothly split OST file based on its size, date, folder, and sender name. It has an option to split single as well as multiple OST files all together. Download the best software to break large-sized OST file with ease.
A PST splitter is a software tool that allows you to split a large PST file into smaller, more manageable files. This can be useful if your PST file has grown too large to be easily managed, or if you want to back up or archive a portion of your email data. Our Ignissta PST splitter allows you to easily break down a large PST file into smaller, more manageable chunks. This can be especially useful if your PST file has grown too large to be easily managed, or if you want to back up or archive a portion of your email data. Our Ignissta PST splitter tools are user-friendly and efficient, making the management of your PST files a breeze. Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with oversized PST files and hello to a more organized and streamlined email experience. Give our Ignissta PST splitter and merger a try today and see the difference it can make in your email management.