How to Stream Apple Music on Apple Watch without iPhone


Want to sync and play Apple Music on Apple Watch without iPhone when outdoor activities? Looking for a way to convert Apple Music to MP3 and sync to Apple watch for listening without iPhone? Want to know how to sync music from iPhone to Apple Watch? This part will teach you.

Apple Music is added with DRM protection, you must to remove DRM from Apple Music and then transfer to your Apple Watch by iPhone.

Apple Music Converter is an Apple Music DRM Removal, which helps you remove the DRM protection from Apple Music, and convert them to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC, and then users can transfer these non-DRM music songs to your iPhone Apple Music app and sync them to Apple Watch for offline listening. After get the DRM-free Apple Music songs, you can stream Apple Music on Apple Watch for playing without using your iPhone devices.

Apple’s strategy for Music control on watchOS has changed significantly over the years, and as of watchOS 4.3, the company has finally added support for the full Apple Music library back onto the Apple Watch’s Music app.

While it’s not completely obvious, it is now possible to stream your entire Apple Music library from your Apple Watch to your Bluetooth-enabled headphones such as AirPods, without the need of your iPhone.

This will work with the non-LTE Series 3 models, as well as older Apple Watch models (including the first-generation Series 0) over Wi-Fi.

How to stream Apple Music on your Apple Watch Series 3 without your iPhone
Ensure that your Apple Watch is completely disconnected from your iPhone by either getting out of Bluetooth range or turning off Bluetooth entirely on your iPhone. To disable Bluetooth on your iPhone, head to Settings → Bluetooth → and toggle Bluetooth off.
Pair your Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch. If you’ve previously paired Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch before, or if you’re using AirPods that have been paired with any of your other devices before, simply swipe up from the bottom of the Watch face to invoke Control Center, scroll to the bottom and tap the AirPlay icon, and then select the name of your Bluetooth headphones. Otherwise, head to Settings → Bluetooth on your Apple Watch. Ensure that your Bluetooth headphones are on and are in pairing mode. You may have to confirm some a code of sorts before it pairs to your Apple Watch.
Once your Bluetooth headphones are paired, head to the Apple Music app on your Watch, tap Library and choose your music. From here, your Apple Watch will go ahead and begin streaming music over its LTE or Wi-Fi radio, independent of your iPhone. On Apple Watch models supporting LTE, you can even stream Apple Music radio stations such as Beats 1.
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Playing Apple Music on the Apple Watch with the phone, it's better to put those songs on the local storage. And to get Apple Music songs on the local of your watch, the Apple Music converter is your best choice. You can download unlimited Apple Music songs offline to MP3 files and transfer them using the cable. And that's all you need to do.