How to use Eraser for this situation?


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Hello all,

I am concerned about only 5 particular files that I wanna erase
after am done working on them. So the question is after
erasing those 5 files using 3 passes is it also necessary
to erase the free space??

Am not concerned with any other sort of files to erase.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance :)
The answer to your question in principle is no, provided of course that the 5 files you can identify are really your only concern.

However, if you have System Restore and shadow copying enabled on the drive(s) where the files reside, and they have had various versions over time, it is possible that shadow copies of those earlier versions may exist. You can delete old restore points either from Windows or using a utility such as CCleaner (I would make a new restore point, then delete all but that one), then clear free space. If you have only ever had the one version of the target files on your drive, Eraser will see to it that no shadow copies of that version remain.