How to watch iTunes movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 9?


Are you searching for an excellent tool to sync your purchased or rented movies from iTunes to your Samsung Galaxy S9, want to transfer iTunes movies to any Android tablet? So if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, what you can you? Don’t worry, alternatively you can remove the FairPlay DRM of iTunes videos by a DRM software such as the iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter. It is a super robust and effective software, which can batch convert iTunes purchases or rentals to common videos in a 30X faster speed. Let's learn the easy guide to convert iTunes DRM M4V to Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Key Features of iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter:

Remove iTunes DRM protection – with this DRM remover, you can legally remove DRM from iTunes M4V more conveniently. It converts videos at 20X faster speed.
Convert iTunes purchase & rental videos – converts videos that are purchased from the iTunes store with DRM encoding and converts to lossless MP4 format.
Keep the audio tracks and subtitles – while converting it keeps audio tracks and their subtitles.
Keep the meta data – It also keeps the meta data of the video for better filtering
Support bath conversion
Convert SD and HD videos with great quality – It never compromises on quality.
Fast conversion speed – now, iTunes M4V Converter can convert iTunes videos at up to 20X speed.

Best Way to Watch iTunes Purchases Movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Step 1.Run the iTunes M4V Converter
Step 2: Add iTunes M4V Movies
Step 3.Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 for Samsung Note 9
Step 4. Transfer the DRM-free iTunes Movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for playing offline.

After get the DRM-free iTunes movies in MP4 format, you can keep them forever beyond 24 hour or 48 hour.

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Generally speaking, there is no way for you to watch iTunes movies on Samsung Galaxy phone, since all iTunes movies/TV shows are encrypted with fairplay DRM protection, it can be played on Apple devices only. Fortunately, now you can use M4V Video Converter Windows to remove DRM from iTunes and convert videos from M4V to MP4 and multiple compatible formats with zero loss quality. After conversion, it will be much easier for you to enjoy iTunes movies on any devices without limitation.


With DRM protection of iTunes movies, we can't play iTunes movies in Samsung phone directly, we should remove DRM from iTunes movies, and then convert iTunes movies to any video format without DRM protection. With iTunes Movies Converter, we can remove DRM protection and convert iTunes movies M4V to other format at the same time. Just in steps, we can even edit iTunes movies before converting.