How to wipe personal data from cell phones and PCs Protect


December 27, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Before you recycle your old computer, cell phone or smart phone, make sure that you wipe it clean of data. If you don't, your personal life could be laid bare. Worse, you could become a victim of identity theft.

But wiping your device clean of data may be harder than you think. Here are details about how to do it for cell phones and PCs.
Hi Carver. :)

Thank you for your post, I noticed that on and funnily enough I didn’t think to post it here !

You are right to make us all think about the information we simply make available. Nice to see Eraser gets a mention ! What a shame there isn’t a Symbian version of Eraser for our mobile phones.

Now there’s a thought ! :lol:
In my way, I like to use data cell phone wipes to wipe personal data from cell phones. It's easy and can wipe all the personal data without recovery. So there is no need to worry about info leak.
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