HTC One max: keeping it all in one place


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With technology getting better and better every day, you would think you could get everything you want in one device. Instead, we have to own a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone. It ends up costing you a lot of money to own all three, and it is really annoying to keep track of them. Well, fortunately, the HTC One max might be the solution to your biggest problem. Instead of buying all three, you can probably get away with just one.

What’s in a name? Everything

The name “One” is definitely an indication of an all-in-one kind of device, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The screen is almost seven inches wide, meaning it is almost the size of a tablet but can also be used as a phone. The reason for such a large phone is simple. The phone has become a lifeline for many people and the main source of internet usage more recently. HTC wanted to create a phone that would allow consumers to easily access and browse the internet as well as replace many other devices used in your home. It may not be quite a phone or quite a tablet, but it sure does a great job of doing both. No more trying to wade through all your devices to pick the best one. You can just pick up your one phone and do it all.

Smartphone evolution

Have you ever noticed how often people are on their phones? Go to dinner tonight and look around. You’ll probably see a lot of people just sitting on their phones, even with other people at the table with them. The smartphone used to be something we only used sometimes when we needed it, but it has evolved into something much more. It is now the thing we use for everything. When you lose a smartphone, you practically lose your life, especially if you use it regularly for work.

Other cool features

Things you can expect from the HTC One max mirror other features being found in new phones. For example, it will have a fingerprint scanner similar to the new iPhone. It will also have a removal back where you can put a SIM Card and MicroSD card. It has 32GB internal storage too, so there is plenty of room for everything you could possibly want to do on your phone. The new Sense 5.5 will be included in the new phone, which will allow you to flip through the screen without hassle. The Android skin will come with many other features to make things easier on you.

What this means for you

As a business, you will need to start working hard to ensure your advertising works well with these kinds of platforms. People will be spending more time on their phones doing daily activities as time goes by, so you should be prepared to start advertising there. Work on texting first. It is the first and most basic principle to mobile advertising and will get you very far.

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