I don't know how!


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I've been using 5.7 along with IE6 for years.I've had no problem using it. However, I swiched to IE7 and even other browsers and I can't seem to find out how to erase my online activity. Normally I just go to my settings and find cookies,temp,temporary internet files,history, and recent documents,but their all empty. Is it ' cause their Open source? I just don't know,but how do you fully erase using these browsers? I went back to IE6 and all is well,but I'd like to keep up with the times and change browsers.I would be grateful for the help and please keep it simple.Thank You very much!
Are we talking about the same program here?

The file locations have not changed between IE6 and IE7
I don't know how

I guess I'm having trouble explaining it. In ie6 you can set up windows to show your local settings which include a folder for the cookies,temp, and temporary internet files and recent documents.During regular use if you open this window, when you click{right click shows erase} on any of these folders,you can see the content in all of them.When I switched over to ie7,the folders are still there,but cookies is always empty and the temporary internet files folder is very basic and it doesn't seem to have every file in it.Again,it's hard to explain.If you get back to me I'll try to detail it better.Why is the cookie folder and recent documents folder always empty? Where are they? Maybe it's all in the setup! I've been checking out the new safari for windows and it does the same thing.Maybe I'm missing something.I don't know!