i dont think the wipe worked


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hi i dont think the wipe worked, i did a quick erase for just testing the software i dont think it worked. It went to 100% and then quickly went to dos and tell me put a disk in for the log. It didnt say anything like it was successful.

Would it be possible if i can email u the log and if u can please tell me where im going wrong, if so where can i email u?


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HI there

after the 100% i didnt get a chance to read the whole thing properly , the screen changed very qickly. All i got to read is "failure" and then goes to dos,saying i had no errors, tell me of start and finish time and then telling me to insert a floppy to save the log.

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I still need this information. After the blue screen disappeared, what did DBAN say in bright white letters on the black background?
hi there, ok this is what it says after the blue screen:

DBAN finished with non-fetal errors.Check the log for more information.
Hardware clock opertaion start date Tue Jan 31 21:01:04 2006
Hardware clock operation finished date Tue Jan 31 21:09:40 2006
saving log file to floppy disk...a floppy disk in dos format was not found.DBAN finished press enter to save the log file.

I put the disk in and press enter here, and then it says

Saving log to floppy disk...saved/floppy/dbanlog/dban000.tgz.
DBAN finished press enter to save the log file.

and thats it


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The dmesg.txt file in the log says:

hda: dma_intr: error=0x40 { UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=1907373, sector=1907344

This means that the disk has bad sectors. DBAN reported an error because it could not verify that the disk was empty.

You should physically destroy this disk.
hi there

ok so what should I looking for and where in the log if the erase was successful, what would the log say?


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It will say "DBAN succeeded. All selected disks have been wiped" if there were no problems.

Past that, you need to unzip the tgz file and read through it.