I get "Completed With Errors" every time I try to run.


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I downloaded Eraser to my hard disk and installed it. I wanted to erase all of the unused disk space on my computer. I set the task up to run manually. When I executed it, I immediately got the message "Completed With Errors". There is no information as to what the error was. What can I do to resolve this issue? I'm running 32-bit Windows 7 Professional on an Acer Veriton M2 computer.

Thanks for your help.

Okay, I finally figured out that there is a log file that I can read. The error message states that the program did not have the proper permissions. I am the computer administrator, so I thought that this would enable me to run any software on the computer. What do I have to do to give the program the permissions that it needs to run?

I fear that your forum name may be something of a misnomer, as you seem to be thinking in XP terms :). Win 7 and Vista do not work in the same way as XP. Your account may have administrative rights, but it does not run in that mode until you tell it to, and you have to do that for each program.

Please read the FAQ topic 'Getting to know Eraser 6', where you will find details on how to run Eraser as administrator (aka 'elevated').