I got error report , please help


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I have been trying to delete this file off my desktop. I have tried everything that was recco'd in other forums and i read a post that said i should download ERASER and that solved the problem. So I did this, I right clicked on this annoying file on my desktop and I selected ERASER>ERASE

Then I got this error. PLEASE help.

Session: Friday, August 13, 2010 8:01:09 PM
Friday, August 13, 2010 8:01:09 PM Error Attempted to access a path that is not on the disk.
...That just means that the file you tried to erase doesn't exist? Perhaps the file you're erasing is a ghost entry and a refresh should solve it.
I have refreshed it many times no results. I have tried everything in other forums nothing will get this file off my desktop. not even eraser. is there any information i can provided, that can better explain my situation so i can get some assistance with this? maybe pics of the file, or someting...? what is needed to diagnose what actions to take?
It is just possible that you will have more luck trying to access the file directly from the Desktop folder (typically C:\<User Name>\Desktop).

Will Windows delete the file, or place it in the Recycle Bin? If the latter, can the Recycle Bin be emptied? If it can, you can then use the Eraser erase free space command to make sure it is gone.

When I try to delete, move, transfer, open, rename, compress, or alter in any way this box pops up.


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I think the next thing is to run a disk check. As It's in the C: drive, Windows will want to do it when it boots, which is fine. I'm with Joel, that this appears to be a spurious directory entry.