I have a problem with eraser


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I have tried both the "stable build" and the most recent "nightly build". Both have these bugs. Before I list them I will tell you my OS, as there may (or may not) be a known conflict with my exact OS setup:
Windows 7 Home Premium (with SP1) 64bit edition

When deleting files one of two things will happen. It will say the "unlock" module has failed (and not delete anything), or it will say it has completed without errors, but again the file is STILL there (even after pressing F5 in windows explorer to refresh the view).

When using it to empty the recycle bin, it will do one of two things. It will either give an error and not complete (leaving stuff still in the recycle bin), or it will say every file has been deleted but NOT erased. Of course there is no security in just deleting it, erasure must occur for there to be security (no trace of the file).

Can you create a special version of this program that overcomes these bugs with my specific OS configuration, which is as I mentioned before:
Windows 7 Home Premium (with SP1) 64bit edition

Thanks in advance.
In your case you must be running some application which interferes with eraser e.g some Anti-Virus/Malware or undelete tracker? Shut all these down and retry.

There is also the possibility the drive is at fault - run a check disk.