I have a problem with using the Eraser with BITLOCKER


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I have a problem with using the Eraser program, a short description below.
System Windows 8.1 pro.
Ciphered HDD BITLOCKER , PC with TPM module or without the module

System accounts:
Admin - used sparesly for administration purposes
User - on rules of standard user

Point was to fund a way to completely remove the content of an SD memory or some files, I chose the Eraser program.
However I have experienced a few problems:

1. Eraser always requires admin password - is there a possibility for the program not to require the password?

2. If the PC has TPM module and system HDD ciphered with BITLOCKER, file removal works without problems, however there's still an issue of requireiment of admin password.

3. If the PC has no TPM module and BITLOCKER cipher is enabled system drive in Windows 8.1 Pro, file removal from SD drive or system drive always finishes without erasing information from the program, never adds itself to the task list of the Eraser program and never reports any errors.

Files are not being removed!

I require assistance with this problem or information that you cannot use this program in such konfiguration with such security systems.

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Can anyone help me in step 2 and 3.
The problem with asking for an administrator password is solved.
Remained the problem of the lack of possibilities for the removal of the device without a TPM and BitLocker enabled.

Under option 3 if you run eraser as administrator what happens? What else is installed? any AV software?
How do I turn the "Run as Administrator" it requires a password at startup, but does not remove the files, not displayed any problems.
So it is installed AV ESET.