I need to know how not to erase my OS.


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Hey as you can see from the subject i need to know how not to delete my OS. I am running windows XP. I haven't used eraser yet because i don't have a copy of XP. So does eraser erase the OS? I just want to clear my c:drive and internet history and i have a few nasty viruses.
Eraser doesn't erase your OS - it erases either individual files or the freespace on your drive. You need to thoroughly read and understand the Eraser "Help" section before attempting to use the program.

From the sound of things, your computer's in really bad shape - you may wind up having to wipe the entire drive just to get rid of whatever it is you've actually gotten on there. Hopefully not.

Go here: http://www.spywareinfoforum.com/index.p ... opic=79038 and follow the instructions given to the letter, in the order given.

Eraser is not a "malware-fixing" tool. Pete