I think this is a rather serious bug

Dan German

New Member
I had a rather unpleasant experience using the Eraser software (version 5.7) with Windows xp this morning.
I started with a folder which I wanted to backup so, using Windows Explorer, I copy/pasted it to the "write these files to CD" section of a blank CD in drive D:. Before actually writing to the CD I changed my mind and decided instead to use the "Drag'n Drop CD+DVD" software, so I deleted (sent to the recycle bin) the folder from the D: drive. Then I erased the contents of the recycle bin using the Eraser software. When I went back to the original folder all the folder and file names remained but the files were all empty and are now lost for good. I admit it was a mistake to perform the erase function before I had finished backing up the folder but that should be irrelavent.
Why, when the original folder never moved, did Eraser also erase the original files when what I deleted/erased were only the copies?
I have had this problem before and it is nothing to do with Eraser as far as I can see. Instead it appears to be a problem with Windows XP. It's just co-incidence that you used Eraser to delete the files in the recycle bin. I too have ended up with the file names and each file showing a file size of 0kb. It's only happened a small handful of times but once is more than enough... there must be some problem in the copy / paste process.

In order to ensure I don't lose items that I just want to back up, I now create a backup folder, copy everything to that and then copy / paste the backup folder to the D drive. At least the originals are still there if something goes wrong.