I thought Eraser was a "portable" app?


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I downloaded Eraser to my thumb drive, I had it install "only" to my thumb drive but yet it adds itself to my add/remove programs in Vista as well as registry entries; what gives?
I downloaded it from here http://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/eraser_portable and as I stated above, it did NOT install JUST to my thumb drive but also added registry entries and also to add/remove programs so I uninstalled it from my thumb drive and my computer account it is not "portable" as advertised. Portable Firefox and Portable Thunderbird installs "only" on my thumb drive and no where else. I was lead to believe that Eraser would be the same but no prob as it is gone/uninstalled and I will try to find something else that is "portable".
Hey tenofhearts12. We do not support any versions of Eraser that is not distributed from our SourceForge project page, our Website, or the forums (in the Updates section). PortableApps has packaged Eraser on their own and we were in no way involved in the development of that version of our product. Not to say we don't welcome them, but in this case you got Eraser from them and should be asking them for help.

I'm helping to make v5 portable but that's still in beta. I believe Overwriter's got the link for you already.

tenofhearts12 said:
I will take my inquiry to them, thanks for the clarification.

Why not use the official version ?? :shock:

Joel’s version I linked to ? :?