I Wanna know If Erasing The C:\ Will Erase Everything?Get It



Erasing the C drive will that take out my items on my desktop?
I've read alot of stuff on my topic and the help isn't working for me.
Let me tell ya what i mean.
I have a folder on my desktop that is labeled 'Manga I'm Reading'
And if I look in my computer, then I see all the drives it contains. you know.
And the 'Manga I'm Reading' folder is located in my computer and which is also in the C: Hard Disc.
Now if I put the C disc in the Eraser program tray to be erased/on-demad/etc...
Then continuing that with hitting run.
Would that remove my folders?
Such as the 'Manga I'm Reading' folder?

^-^If you can help that'd be great, and if not point me in the right direction.
please. :D
Let me see if I can help you. If you are just trying to erase individual files and/or folders then the best way to do that would be to use the context menu, accesable by right clicking on that file or folder (or drive). If you have no erase option there then you need to enable those options in Eraser; 'Edit' < "Prefernces' < "General' < then activate the option under 'Shell Extension.'

Erasing your C:\ is will damage your system, unless you are doing a 'free space,' or 'unused space' erase.