I would like to erase raid 0 drives?



I realize that DBAN will not work to wipe the drives because DBAN lacks raid support, but I would like all the data gone.

Is my best (free) option to format the drive in windows and then run eraser to wipe the free space? I am assuming that after formating eraser will see the drives as completly empty and rewrite and erase the whole thing many times.

My raid setup is the onboard promise on an ASUS K8V deluxe.

* I just read this in another thread: "Hey you do realise that eraserd will not overwrite partitions larger then 2 GB." If this is true my plan probably won't work.
Since you will be booting up with DBAN, why not turn the PC off and unplug the raid drives and the standard IDE drives, then plug the RAID drives in where the standard IDE drives go, leaving the others unplugged. Then when you boot up with DBAN, it will only see the drives you want to wipe.