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thanks for a great product.
is it posible for eraser to add place to deleate the hidden files created by the desktop.ini files.

searching for hidden files and folders doesnt find all so not all are deleted. masked by the desktop.ini from microsoft in system files. i read this online and not sure if correct.

any ideas


also i downloaded eraser 5.8 and it didnt open up anything. although i downloaded 5.7. which works great but sometimes if i delete to many files firefox stops working and cant get to work.

Found in the c:\windows\temporary internet files\desktop.ini and the c:\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\desktop.ini is this text:


Found in the c:\windows\history\desktop.ini and the c:\windows\history\history.ie5\desktop.ini is this text:


The UICLSID line cloaks the folder in Windows Explorer. The CLSID line disables the "Find" utility from searching through the folder. (Additionally, it gives a folder the appearance of the "History" folder.)

To see for yourself, you can simply erase the desktop.ini files. You'll see that it will instantly give Windows Explorer proper viewing functionality again, and the "Find" utility proper searching capabilities again. Problem solved right? Actually, no. As it turns out, the desktop.ini files get reconstructed every single time you restart your computer. Nice one, Slick.