idiot proof



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nice program. As a rule, I really dislike it when a program asks me if I am sure I want to perform the task I just told it to do. After all, if I wasn't sure, then I wouldn't have done it!

Having made that clear, I have found that I accidentally deleted tasks on multiple occasions. After creating the task I want, and navigating through many levels of directories to indicate the target folder, it's just too easy to hit that delete button or even pick it out of the right-click window...

I think it would be nice to put delete in a slightly less accessible place, or add a dialog box to confirm the deletion of a task.



PS. When a task is running and I look at the properties and click OK, the dialog box that warns me that I'd be interrupting a running task seems to have an unhandled exception. Clicking yes or no reports: Access Violation (0xc0000005) at address 0x77e48733. I'm running win2000pro on an Intel MB