Immediate Error, please help


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I have looked through the FAQ's and cant find an answer. After installing I have tried to run eraser to clean all the free space in both hard drive on my computer however it immediately says the task is complete and there was an error. What am I doing wrong? Both drives have over 100gb's of free space and trying with the 7 pass for my first use to make sure everything from the last year is cleaned.
You need to run Eraser as Administrator. The FAQs do explain this. You will find it helpful to read the sticky FAQ on Gettting to know Eraser 6.

I also get this same error, although I right click and run the program as an administrator, and I am the only user of this notebook. What else could possibly be wrong?
Almost certainly that you haven't closed the running instance of Eraser. Please see the FAQ topic aforesaid.