Tiko said:
I would really like to see a live CD version where it does not touch the windows in any way.....not sure if this is possible.
You can currently do this with BartPE, and this plugin. (Sorry if that link goes dead.)

You'll need to copy your own eraser.exe and eraser.dll files to the eraser\ plugin directory before creating the boot disc.
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OK, my turn! Brainstorm mode on.

Got to watch what you do with Eraser. It's simple and about as effective as anything around. I don't trust WW and it's too proprietary and limited, and I don;t like EE because it's an overhyped user nightmare. I suspect the original programmer who started that idea has long since gone. Same reason Norton have problems with all their stuff.

Programming and supporting a thing like this can be a terrible burden. The best approach IMHO is to concentrate on the fundamentals and leave as much as possible to the user community. (see point 4 below).

.....................Now if there is a wish list.

1) Hook into the Windows del command
e.g. del is wipe and shift-del is normal delete. Just a question whether MS built the hooks in and are willing to let them out to bypass their standard code. No reason I can see why not, but its MS, not a logical reasoning entity as we are well aware. It works OK in Linux and on the just maybe....

2)File/Folder List
Got to be easier access to the list of files and folders to wipe. Already a problem its not a human readable file. Since the data is redily readable by anyone who can access the Eraser app then there is no reason it can't be a text file that Eraser parse when it reads it and checks with the OS to make sure the location is there first, then posts it (as it does at the moment).
Then make edit and copy buttons so you can dive in and change the individual entries and copy and paste between on demand and scheduled.
Drag and drop is OK but messy. I'd leave it as it is. The current file finder dialog box needs working on. Try making a list of 30 files and folders scattered about by starting at the desktop every time and having to drill down to various places in documents and settings for different users! I did it this morning! Aargh! Make it a standard "Save" box.

3) No major changes to the look and feel of the app. Easiest way to kill the golden goose. If a decision is taken that the registry CAN be tackled then it could just be a third icon on the left. Plugins could be a 4th icon. Which brings us to:

4) User configureable plug-ins.
The concept already exists in a well known overhyped app notorious for its confusing options screens. The plugins or modules are text files and are by far the best thing about that app (initials EE). I use Eraser for wiping and that app mostly for its registry cleaning, above all because I can write my own plugins. Piece of cake to look in the registry and figure out where an app is dumping its waste material.
There would then be an opportunity for someone perhaps form th euser community to write a configureable plugin generator (eg scan an XP install for apps and user accounts and generate a wipe plugin for ticked apps. That could be a new challenge taken up by someone with a good knowledge of visual basic.

5)Touch up the scheduler.
Could be universally configureable. Tick boxes for Monday though Sunday. Time as is. Wipe set selectable. Keep the spreadsheet format of the scheduler and on-demand.

Which brings us to:

6)Wipe sets. On demand and/or scheduled
A deep clean of a 120 Gb takes a LONG time. A quick browser and temp file cleanup is much quicker. Cleaning up a development project is another job. A Wipe Set is an icon where you designate "Sets" of things to be done. EG Plugin XP IE6 SP1 + Plugin Opera 7.54+ wipe unused C:+Wipe Unused D:
All this would do under the hood is generate another text file. So your normal wipe set configured in On-Demand becomes the default, and the other wipe sets are options... which can then even be scheduled....

7)Per User setup. Optional. Most times I'm pleased I can log on as admin and wipe everything somebody else might have forgotten.

8) Logging, MRUs etc if any should be self wiping.

9) Keep it simple. A mentor of mine at HP once said "If the cleaning lady can't work it out its no good".

Ok, gone blank now. No more ideas.

I'll drop by and support if I can.