Impossible to erase file (context menu)


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I had 2 PDF files on Desktop, one has been sucessfully deleted but the same Eraser refuses to erase the other one (see picture). All are real files, not shortcuts.

A bug?


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Your picture doesn't load for me.
Joel said:
Your picture doesn't load for me.
It does for me (it's a PNG, and some PNG variants give trouble on some systems) The picture shows a dialog box with the heading "Eraser Shell Extension" and the message "Tasks must contain at least one erasure target". The OP has included an arrow which points to a .pdf file icon (the white Acrobat icon, not the red Reader one), with an incompletely shown file name (the characters shown are alpha characters and underscores).

I hope this is useful,

Nah, I can't get it... can someone help re-encode this please? I've tried using Firefox, got the file to my desktop and used Fireworks, Photo Viewer and they all complain the file's corrupt.