Impossible to set "when finished" in scheduled tasks?


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In scheduled tasks is not possible to specify an action in "when finished" option?
It just revert back to "none"

Eraser 5.86a
Tryed in 3 different PC (XP PRO SP1/SP2).



"On-Demand works fine."

Not for me! I've tried various versions of Eraser over recent years and recently, and I can never get the system to either restart or shutdown after running an erase task, on-demand or scheduled. ie the setting I make in the Task Properties reverts to 'none' if I check it after setting it.

Is there a known fix/trick/Eraser version where you can definitely get the system to restart or shutdown after a task has finished?
I'm using XP Home fully up to date, so presumably that classes as SP3.

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Edit :-
Also, does a failure to restart or shutdown, then result in the non-processing of previously locked files? ie these would normally be processed after a shutdown or restart?
The necessary settings Eraser sets to process locked files will be inserted immediately after you agree to Eraser erasing those files on restart. There should be no correlation.

You can try to run the 5.8.7-beta4 which I released. I fixed a problem with the task-completion job (though people report that I didn't fix it for all cases. I'll look into it further when I got time).

If you have other related bugs, please file the bugs at the appropriate Trac ticket, otherwise I may lose track of things (and I probably will.)

Hello Joel and thanks for that.

I have not persevered with the 5.8.7-beta4 release, because :-
1) The standalone installer download always gives me a zipped folder which Windows XP claims is corrupted or invalid
2) The installer version messes up my XP's right-click context menus, in that right-clicking anything causes the system to hang requiring a forced reboot every time. This appears to happen regardless of how I set any Eraser Preferences.

It does seem however, as stated by earlier posts in this topic, that the 'when finished' setting is indeed retained in an On-Demand Eraser task, although I have yet to find out if it actually works. I had forgotten or previously not noticed this, seeing as the release messes up my context menus, meaning I then just decide to remove the install completely without persevering.

Does the latest version 6 Eraser release work better, regarding both the 'when finished' issue and the right-click context menu issue?
I haven't bothered to properly check out version 6, out of concerns that the efficacy of the wiping/deletion is apparently not yet verified.

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