Incomplete menu display


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I recently downloaded Eraser 6.0.8 & and have had many problems. I am using Vista. It appears that I am not getting complete menus. For example: on the 'SCHEDULE' menu under 'WEEKLY' Monday & Tuesday are OK, Wednesday & Thursday are chopped off at the bottom and no other days are visable. Most other menus have words chopped off at the top or bottom, so only a partial word is visable.

On the 'Select Data To Erase' menu under the 'Files in Folder' it shows 'Include Ma' and under that 'Exclude Ma' .

On the 'Task Log' the error messages are incomplete, seems like they run out of space and just end.

Any help would be appreciated.
I think you're running Vista with your monitor DPI set to a value above 96dpi, which is the default. 6.0 doesn't support such configurations, you'll need to use a 6.2 nightly build. You'll probably hit into some bugs due to changes, to address them feel free to report what you find in the Beta testers forum (see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5798)