Increased Free Dick Space After Running Eraser??

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I just ran Eraser on my D Slave drive and when it got done I went from having 7 gig free on my C drive to over 12 Gig free. Even though before running it my recycle bin was empty and windows was reporting that I only had 7 gig free on my C drive? What the heck is Eraser doing to give me 5 gig more of free space?? What is it deleting that windows thinks is already deleted?
SPace Freed

One possibility...if your HD is formatted with NTFS, there are alternate data streams that were still taking up space.
That's not a possibility, Eraser does not overwrite alternate data streams unless you erase the entire file. In fact, it sounds like that's exactly what GoFlyaKite did, intentionally or not.
I also have a significant increase in free space. Ran eraser on two machines, both FAT32, one machine WinME, one XP. Eraser was run with Free disk space, cluster tips and directory entries on.
It seems the "_RESTORE" directory has been reduced by 400 megs on the Win ME machine which accounts for the change. The XP machine had many GBs freed and I can't account for such a large change.
Any ideas?