index.dat file


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Im running ver.5.3 on Widows xp home. I can understand most of eraser but I cant delete the index dat which still gives urls. Help
Today I downloaded ver.5.6

Thanks for your help Scott. Ive read some other answers on the same topic by you and Im more informed and aware of the problem now.
One solution that comes to mind is to create a simple batch file, and have it call eraserl.exe upon each boot, targeting the INDEX.DAT file(s) or the entire TIF folder. You can probably get away with calling this batch file from the...


...key, but if not, try using Task Scheduler, and having the task which calls the batch file run "at system startup". Another option is to use the RunOnce key (which runs before the Run key). This would require a little trickery, which I would be glad to help with if need be.