INFO2 Records - For Garrett


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Hi Garrett!

A quick question for you... in another thread, you posted that "Encrypting the swap file ... will not help with temp files, INFO2 records, or all the other bits strewn around the disk by programs."

I am wondering, what are INFO2 records? I have never heard that term, and a Google search did not come up with anything interesting.
Search for alternative data stream . Basically you can have a file a.doc and store a second stream with just a summary.

Eraser kills both the file and its streams. So no Panic.

quote:Originally posted by admin
Search for alternative data streamActually, INFO2 files have nothing to do with alternate data streams, they are index files for the Windows Recycle Bin.
quote:Eraser kills both the file and its streams.Eraser has problems properly erasing alternate data streams, apparently they cannot be overwritten like regular files (see, or at least its not reliable.

Garrett, when you have time, you may want to take a closer look at these issues. It may be necessary to process alternate data streams in a similar way we handle compressed files.