Install issue on x64

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With the last two installers 5.86 and 5.85x64 I've had issues that mean the shell extension doesn't get installed, that is no context menu entry in explorer.

The 5.86 installer brings up the install options both 32 and 64 the only options that can be toggled are the respective entries on the recycle bins and the verifier, that is that both 32 and 64 core files entries are ticked and grayed out.

The install goes fine but the shell extension dll installed is the 32bit version and as such is useless.

The 5.85 x64 setup installs but it brings up an error message relating to vcredist being missing, the body of the program is there but I assume its failing to setup the shell extension.

I'm on XP x64 SP2
This sounds like a 5.86 RC/5.85 error. Are you using the latest?

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