Install of Eraser corrupted Win98


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After I installed Eraser and re-started the tray only showed the Eraser shortcut. The taskbar divider was stuck to the left at the START button and not movable. All the taskbar icons were gone. I decided to uninstall. This was quite an ordeal with Eraser and Spybot becoming 'merged'. I had to unintall Spybot to get rid of most of Eraser, some elements remain (it's still in the contextual menus). I'm using Win98 on a ca2000 Dell laptop. I'm noticing other abnormalties and looks like I'll need to re-enstall Windows.
What version did you install? 5.8 does not support win98 you need to use 5.7

5.8 and Win98

OK, but the download window for 5.8 states and this is a copy/paste;
Eraser 5.8
For Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP