Install on Separate Drive?


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Hello, I am new here to the forums, but I just joined for the purpose of finding out how to install Eraser on a system in which my OS is on an SSD, and my storage drive is an HDD. I moved all major user folders except AppData to the HDD to preserve space and write cycles

First question would be, which drive should I install Eraser on? Will putting the program on the SSD use up precious write cycles, if I was to erase data off of the HDD? I will never use Eraser to wipe files from my SSD, but only want to clear data from the storage drive.

Secondly, if I should/wanted to install on the hard drive, do I just go through the default process, or is there a special way to do this?

There is no need to install Eraser on the HDD. Installing it on the SSD will not wear the SSD down more quickly; running erase tasks on the SSD would. So if you take necessary precautions and not run SSD erase tasks you should be fine.

If you want some details on SSD erasures you can see the post stickied at the top of this forum.