Install process needs to update files in use


Just realized I wasn't using the latest version of Eraser, so decided to upgrade. But when i ran the installer, it told me i needed to close Outlook, Firefox, etc because some files it needed to update were in use.

Why would Eraser need to update files in use by common programs such as those? Doesn't make sense to me. All my programs and OS are at the very latest versions, so just wondering what Eraser is trying to update/do to my system. I'd think it was all fairly self-contained and wouldn't need to update anything but its own files. Just looking for some clarification.
This puzzles me too, because the Eraser code is, as you say, pretty much self-contained. The message almost certainly came from the Windows Installer (which Eraser uses), so the issue may relate more to the installer than to Eraser as such.

Which version were you trying to install? If it was a development nightly (6.1.0.x) build, did it try to install or update .NET 4?

Can you remember the exact wording of the warning message?

Hi David. I installed the 6.0.10 release from May or something I think it was, the last stable, not one of the nightlies.

It was a window that popped up via the installer, saying that the installation is trying to update files opened by the following programs, do i want to ignore, exit, or quit maybe. I clicked ignore and the installation finished fine it appeared, and when i open it the logo in the corner says 6.0.10, although if i have the program check for updates again, it still offers me the update again. When i do an About Eraser, it says I already have that version. So add another thing to my list of confusions haha.

It didn't say it was updating .NET 4 during the process. That should have been up-to-date already anyway.
That request to close box is normal, but, in my experience, it only shows the Eraser program itself as needing closing. Did you download your copy of Eraser from the official Eraser website?

The problem with the update version is also a known bug; I assume it will be fixed in 6.0.11. And apart from the one seeming oddity, the behaviour does at least seem to be normal. I'd guess that your antivirus would have picked up something by know if there were a security issue.

Joel may know better, but the only thing I can think of is that the installer is trying to update .NET (3.5 in your case).

Windows Installer seems to demand the weirdest of applications to be closed, it doesn't just affect Eraser, but it also does seem to affect other projects using WiX as well.

This should really be a bug filed with the WiX team, but I don't think any of us knows well enough what's going behind the scenes to actually give any useful details.