Installation Config


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I apologize if this is answered somewhere. I have tried to read all of the docs/faqs etc, and haven't found my answer.

I am trying to set up eraser on a USB drive to support privacy. I am looking to run it in a similar way as the "traveler mode" that Truecrypt supports.

Is this possible? How would one do it?

Thank you for your time.
For portable usage, I just use Eraserl.exe+Eraser.dll from Eraser v5.84. That's the last one that doesn't need the VC++ runtimes.

It leaves no traces except for the 'HK??\SOFTWARE\Heidi Computers Ltd' registry key, which you can remove afterwards (or via BAT file).
Post a suggestion in the Eraser wiki on SourceForge just so I reembmer. I doublt v6 will be portable because it will require the use of a service to get around UAC restrictions etc.