installer stops responding for 5.86 and 5.87 beta a1

Windows installer stops responding on the message "preparing to install..." which was immediately preceded by a fully completed progress bar under "installing visual C++ 2005 runtime..." (but that message box does not go away). Files have unpacked just fine, v. 5.86 was 8.52 MB, v. 5.87 beta a1 was 6.73 MB. Both fail to install. I'm running Windows Vista 32 bit. Any suggestions?
That isn't under our care. Go to Microsoft for that, we are simply using their programs.

How long have you waited though?

I waited 10 minutes. No change. No CPU activity.

No one has experienced this problem? Setup just does not work. I don't have this problem with any other programs.
terribleproblems said:
No one has experienced this problem?

I don’t remember seeing it on the forums, have you searched for it ?

terribleproblems said:
I don't have this problem with any other programs.

Have you tried downloading Eraser again and checking the hash ?

terribleproblems said:
Could it be a security problem? Some Windows Vista or Norton Anti-Virus setting interfering with the installation?

Are you getting any warning box’s coming up during installation ?
This is a windows installer issue.

Please install the previous full release and not the beta and then let us know what happens. The 'official' release from the eraser homepage uses a 100% MSI installer, I am curious if you get the same problem.