Installing Eraser


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I just installed Eraser on my machine on the C: Drive. I plan to remove and replace the C: hard drive with a new one and want to clean the old one before I return it to Western Digital. I also have an 80 gb "second or "backup" hard drive to which I save all my backup data. Would it be better to install Eraser on the backup drive and run it from there or leave it on the C: Hard Drive? Thanks in advance for all help.....
Thanks for the help....I burned the DBAN bootdisk and am extremely hesitant to use it.. I don't know enough about it so far..... I have a 320 gb HD which is my C: drive.... I also have a second 80 gb Backup Hard Drive to which I back my Norton Ghost backups and other internet downloads..... I infer from initially starting the DBAN bootable disk that as soon as I begin the "Wipe" process, ALL, repeat ALL hard drives will be wiped... do I not have the option of selecting only the C: drive to be wiped? Most confusing to this user.
It can be a little confusing. There is an autonuke which will wipe everything and there is a manual mode which lets you pick and choose. Dban will list all your drives but not as C: D: etc only by the manufacturer and the partitions you have.

If you are a little hesitant in using it I would suggest doing it as follows:

1) Set up your new drive as the primary
2) Migrate your current C: to the new drive you will be using.

Once you are happy everything is working and copied over to your new drive

1) Physically disconnect all the drives except the one you want to return
2) Boot off DBan.
3) Select the only drive that shows up.
4) Go read a book while it wipes the drive
5) Remove the now wiped drive from your computer
6) Connect back up the new drive and the backup drive
That sounds like a plan..... it somewhat confirms my original thinking that I'd disconnect my second backup hard drive before I did any "wiping".... your suggestion to install and completely setup the new drive before I did the wipe, disconnect the backup drive, and then re-install the broke drive and then wipe away makes more sense... expect the new drive tomorrow.. Western Digital had to backorder it but forgot to tell me..... will get to seriously play with the machine Tuesday.... thanks again for all your help and timely responses.. will follow up and let you know how i make out.....