installing os on erased HD


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I have a clone computer with a RAID set of 2 250 gig each WD SATA HD.
WHen I installed windows xp pro I forgot to partition. (long story with Microsoft personnel re trying to reformat without success)

Can I use a product like Erase to completely wipe out my HD including the OS, then come back as though it were a new drive and reinstall windows? Will I then be able to partition the 500 gigs?

Thanks for your help. :cry:
Can't you use Computer Management/Disk Management to re partition and reformat the partitions , I just Put a OS on a blank drive and repartitioned it....but it was EIDE not a SATA Hard Drive.
It should, I'm sure XP Pro has some form of Disk management. I am on XP Home. XP Pro just has networking utilitys and does a few thing different, no major differences.