Installing Version 5.8


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I deleted V. 5.7 and attempted to install V 5.8. All went swimmingly
until the very last step, then the error message appeared:

RegCreateKeyEx failed: Code 5
Access is denied

Administrator status for install. SP Pro/SP2, all updates.

Can anyone help?

[By the way, I got the *same* error message when trying to
upgrade my old Spyware Doctor, V. 3.2.159!]
After you deleted 5.7 there is still a registry Key or folder left. Use a registry editor and search for Heidi and delete it. (In case you don't have one, type into run box on the start menu regedit and click OK) Then install 5.8
Thank you, Carver, for the suggestion. I'll try it and report back.
Would you care as a lark to make a similar suggestion regarding
my difficulties with Spyware Doctor? [grin]. It would *feel*
a likely source of difficulty with that program, too, no?
This seems like registry permissions corruption. I do a backup and see if you can reapply permissions to those registery keys.

I assume you were logged in as administrator?

Yes, Garrett, I signed on as administrator.

When I looked at the registry [with RegRun Platinum] there were
many entries that included "Heidi," including some from RoboForm
and some otherwise not identified. I'm puzzled about which ones
to eliminate. Any hints?

Regarding re-applying permissions, what do I backup? The entire
registry? Selected entries?

Sorry to be such a dumbbell about this.