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Is it possible to integrate Eraser into xplorer² (windows explorer alternative) in Windows 7, so that the "Erase" option appears when right clicking? Previously I used Eraser and xplorer² as my preferred file manager (better than Windows Explorer) with Windows XP and it integrated perfectly into the right click menu. In Windows 7 it doe not. The web page for xplorer² is
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Re: Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer alternatives

I second this request. I use an Explorer alternative called CubicExplorer, and Eraser does not appear in the right-click menu for me either. Since this behavior occurs for auswombat in xplorer² and for me in CubicExplorer, I speculate that it is a problem for Explorer alternatives in general.

A couple of observations:

1. Other programs install right-click shortcuts that work with CubicExplorer (and presumably other Explorer alternatives as well). For instance, I just installed TortoiseSVN, and its right-click options were all successfully recognized by CubicExplorer. This suggests that Eraser should be able to install right-click shortcuts that are recognized by alternatives if we can just find the right install technique.

2. Since the introduction of Windows Vista, Explorer alternatives have become much more popular. This is because many users are dissatisfied with Microsoft's dumbing-down of Windows Explorer, and have turn to third-party file managers instead. I estimate that about half my co-workers have abandoned Windows Explorer in favor of one alternative or another. It would be a mistake to disregard this trend.

Therefore, I'd like to ask the developers to revisit the right-click install technique and see if they can give Eraser a right-click shortcut which works for Explorer alternatives. This is definitely not a high-priority request, but I would be glad to see it go somewhere on the to-do list.

Re: Integrate Eraser into xplorer² (windows explorer alterna

I do not understand why Eraser's context menu does not appear. We merely follow the same things that other context menu registering programs do, so if you can point out one thing we're doing wrong, I'll be more than happy to look into it.

But I'll concede that I don't use alternative file managers. I've not really seen the need to, since if Explorer doesn't do it, there's always the command line...