Invalid FAT Entries



I apparently have invalid entries in my File Allocation Table. This is according to PGP and Eraser, who both claim I have problems, and subsequently, they cannot function properly.
Eraser says "There was something not quite right with the file system."

PGP says "The file allocation table has invalid entries."

I have done regular as well as thorough/surface scans, in both Windows and DOS.

Any ideas on how to find out, and possibly fix, whatever the problems are?
Try running a Chkdsk on your drive and see what shows.
Chkdsk /f will run a fix.
It says it has not checked the disk for errors and I should use ScanDisk.

I think it's probably because I'm using WinME/FAT32.
Yes, it appears that your file system has some unexpected entries that neither PGP or Eraser can understand. Please let me know when I can come over and debug it for you, and send plane tickets. Or you can just ship me your hard drive and I'll take a look at it for you. Seriously, I'd say it's pretty much impossible to remotely diagnose the problem. I can only hope you get your money back. :wink:
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since your useing m.e do scan disk and defrag in safe mode. other wise pc health or other programs run and prevent scan disk from finnishing.
I do scan in safe mode, not only that, but a I have said, I scanned in DOS too.
Hello again.

Still no reply.

Why isn't the "admin" guy replying? If he has anything to do with Eraser, surely he would know what this message means.