Is Downloaded 5.7 Version Fully Functional?


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I just downloaded Eraser 5.7 and am running it on the "unused space" of a hard drive that I *really* need to ensure is clean.

My question is this: I can't figure out if this product is free, or I'm supposed to pay. I'm willing to pay -- no problem -- but it didn't ask, and now I'm wondering if the downloaded version is fully functional and DOES indeed kill everything in that unused space area I'm running it on.


Eraser 5.7

Eraser v5.7 is indeed free,see: and look at the top left of the page.
Secondly,v5.7 is fully functional-or mine is,it seems!
Thirdly go to: and scroll down to this section of the page: "Unused/Free Disc Space"
where all will be revealed.